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Audie is passionate about inspiring leaders, building values-centric cultures and unleashing the potential of greatness in every person.  He sees the world as a glass half full and believes it is the job of leaders to fill these “glasses” completely until they run over the top.  His life focus is to reveal opportunities for leaders, organizations and high-performing teams to thrive in the midst of chaos, using strategic planning and communication, relationships and cultures of excellence as building blocks.  With more than 27 years in executive-level public and corporate leadership positions, Audie knows firsthand the struggles and obstacles of building, training and leading high-performance teams — propelling leaders toward excellence and greater achievement. Audie built Summit 27 on the basic principle that great cultures are established on the values and character of its leaders and that those values naturally start with the biblical principle of loving our neighbors as ourselves.                        

Wm. Audie Sherrod

Founder & CEO 

U.S. Senior Executive Service Ret. (DOJ)


Shelly is an encourager, optimist and flame of hope to everyone she meets.  Born and raised on a family farm, Shelly knows the value of hard work and how to improvise and adapt in order to thrive.  She uses her skills as an encourager and life coach to reveal new life skills to those fortunate to be on her path. Shelly is an energetic problem solver who listens to the deeper meaning of the words people speak.  Shelly is passionate about traveling, learning and being a global thinker. She harnesses the experiences of her travel to understand more deeply the hurts, struggles, cultures and traditions of the people in the world. With experience in law, finance and counseling, Shelly is a master of the lost art of listening with love.  With her feet firmly planted in faith and family and an exciting view of her life’s destination, Shelly is sure of where she is going and excited to share with others how to thrive — not just survive.

Angela Bradshow
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Shelly Sherrod
CFO, Project & Client Development


Ron is an engaged and values-driven leader who is inspired by sharing his passion for living a life of purpose and personal service with leaders on his path. Drawing on 30+ years of experience at varied Executive positions in the public and private sectors at highest levels, Ron shows how the intersection of leadership in our personal and professional life experiences is our greatest life opportunity.  He shares tools for unlocking and understanding untapped potential to serve and thrive.  Ron builds and maintains lifetime relationships with those he coaches and mentors. He helps leaders, teams and organizations create environments where people feel valued and encouraged to explore their full potential. Ron reveals techniques to build trust and consensus in relationships and high-performance teams.

Ronald G. Thompson, M.S.

Executive Consultant

U.S. Senior Executive Service Ret. (DOJ)

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